About us

Welcome to Colourwheel Painting Decorating – Where Every Brushstroke Tells a Story

We firmly believe that painting and decorating extend beyond the mere transformation of walls; it’s an art form that involves crafting spaces imbued with warmth, personality, and style. Our journey commenced with a profound passion for elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary. Today, Colourwheel Painting and Decorating contractors stands as a symbol of unparalleled craftsmanship, creativity, and unwavering client satisfaction.

Our Extensive Expertise Sets Us Apart

Our team brings a rich reservoir of experience to the table. Each member has dedicated numerous years to the industry, honing their skills to perfection. With the necessary qualifications and accreditations, including a comprehensive health and safety policy, we consistently deliver exceptional results

Your Local Solution

Our team operates right here in London, offering the advantage of swift and convenient appointment scheduling. This local presence sets us apart from other painting and decorating services, which may have longer travel distances. We're committed to providing prompt quotes and tailoring our work schedule to your convenience

You receive a complete quotation

Prior to commencing any project, one of our team members will personally visit your location to assess the project's scope and engage in a thorough discussion of your requirements. This step enables us to gain a deep understanding of your vision. Subsequently, we provide you with a meticulously itemised quotation, ensuring complete transparency by outlining all costs upfront

We can manage all sized projects

Our team possesses the capacity to handle projects of any scale, thanks to our experienced team of painters and decorators and a robust company infrastructure. Our project portfolio spans from private estates to entire apartment complexes.

We collaborate with both commercial and residential customers

We provide painting and decorating services for properties of various kinds. Our extensive experience encompasses projects of all sizes and property types, whether you require a home makeover or assistance with painting a hundred new-build flats.

Your whole property can be covered

In our role as interior and exterior decorators, we offer a wide range of services, including rendering repairs, exterior wall painting, masonry restoration, pathway tiling, balustrade repairs, and even the restoration of listed buildings, in addition to our core services of painting and decorating.